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Mission Statement

  • To make the best beer we can, every time, without exception.
  • To provide a challenging work atmosphere where our people can grow professionally and have fun doing it.
  • To be a good steward of our community with accountability to our environment and the people of our community regardless of faith, color, gender or sexual orientation.
  • To wake up every day knowing we will be doing something we love.

About Us

We started this little thing with an idea — bring flavor distinct beers to Wilmington and do it in the last operating livery stables in the city, The McLellan Building on Dock Street. It became apparent pretty early on that as much as we liked our cool old building that we wouldn’t quite be able to fit everything we wanted to make inside of it.  So, we found another place, 110 Greenfield Street, to expand into.  Our new facility will house our 30BBL four-vessel brewhouse, our spirit barrel aging endeavors and a second taproom.  We’ll have all of our “clean” beer production there and transition 116 Dock Street’s role to mixed fermentation aging, conditioning, and packaging.  Keeping the taproom of course.

We have a pretty simple philosophy on beer. Push on the edges every from both the inside and outside. Take what’s good in a beer and try to create nuance with subtle shifts in ingredients, from the amount of yeast used to subtle changes in temperature, carbonation, and materials.

It’s quite possible you’ll notice these changes in your favorites as we continuously try to create the most appealing version of each one of our beers. It’s on purpose.


Our Crew

Our Story

Aaron Skiles

General Manager / Head Brewer
Our Story

April Bilisoly

Quality Manager
Our Story

Aaron Dowling

Our Story

Brad Kelly

Operations Manager
Our Story

Caleb Churchwell

Our Story

Kris Benson

Our Story

Patrick McKenna

Cellar Lead
Our Story

Chris Powell

Packaging Lead
Our Story

Mason Sanborn

Cellar Person
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Kimber Rorrer

Packaging Assistant
Our Story

Chris Light

Taproom Manager
Our Story

AJ Mursch

Our Story

Ryan Sullivan