Are you over 21?

Do you ship t-shirts?

Not yet, working on it.

Can we reserve your brewery for events?

Currently, no.

Do you sell retail kegs?

When we get up and running on Greenfield, yes. Fill out our Keg Request Form to get more information.

Do you serve food in your taproom?

No, we do not have a kitchen, however, we have food trucks at our Greenfield location. We also have lovely food partners who will take out orders for you on request.

Do you ship beer

No, Sorry

Do you ship merchandise?

Sorry, we don’t yet. E-Commerce is a work in progress!

What cans are currently available?

Find out which canned beers we currently have available at each of our locations either at the Dock Street or Greenfield Street. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date and find out if we are close to selling out!

Will you sponsor or donate beer for our event?

Maybe, see our donations page for more information.