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Fill out the form below to request a keg and someone from our team will get back to you soon.

Keg pickup times to be determined prior order confirmation.

You’ll have to fill out a little paperwork when you pick it up. (It’s the law).

Oh yeah, you have be 21 or older. (also the law)

We’re going to charge you the full amount of the keg shell cost as a deposit. Sorry but those babies are expensive and sometimes grow legs. 1/6 BBL ($75) ½ BBL ($105) We will refund you immediately upon return.

Pickups only during prescribed times prescribed in your confirmation email.

Please do NOT use a party tap (the ones with a hand pump) with our beer (especially the hoppy ones). We won’t be able to refund you for a keg where the beer changes flavor half way through your party/event or doesn’t taste the same the next day. We test all of our packaged beer for shelf stability prior to going out the door. Almost all craft beer will benefit from being pushed from the keg with pure CO2.

Please download and complete the permit form. The form must be completed and submitted via the application below.

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Keg Request Form

We'll do our best (brands will rotate in and out) but we can't hold a beer.
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